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The Power of Food Festival is coordinated by a small team, in close partnership with community food growers all around the City of Edinburgh. We are passionate about the role of community food growing as a positive force for social change and societal wellbeing.

profile-photoJossie Ellis is the Executive Chair for the 2017 Festival & is involved where needed across any Festival activity and is also liaison for Festival partners. She has always been interested in food & nature. She left London in 2014 to travel & was hugely inspired by the people & communities she met & heard about, who were not waiting for someone else to sort out these huge problems we’re facing in the world but who were simply getting on with local projects. Working to support the Power of Food Festival in Edinburgh is a way to make a positive difference; celebrating the universal thread that is food, which connects us all & the community growers bringing people together around this collective purpose in a joyful & positive way.

elsaElsa Vibert is the in charge of Project Management for the Festival & keeping the team on target to deliver a great festival. After working in the cultural area as events coordinator for a couple of years, she moved to Edinburgh and is now working in the Tourism industry. She is interested in wellbeing, food, psychology, environment, and in projects empowering people and creating bonds between one another. She found the work of the Power of Food Festival very inspiring, and decided to use her organisational skills to support this beautiful project.

elinaElina Rowley oversees both ‘Garden Liaison’ and ‘Festival News’ activities. Trained as an anthropologist, she has spent a long time examining relationships between humans and their environment. Upon moving to Edinburgh (recently), she was taken by the sense of ‘social consciousness’ which permeates the city, and which its community gardens stand for in many ways. The Power of Food Festival resonates with her deep-rooted desire for a bold, societal, structural transition towards healthier, more egalitarian and sustainable behaviours.

picMA1Marie-Amélie Viatte is the founder of the Festival. Having worked for over 20 years on a wide range of environmental and social issues, Marie-Amélie has a long-standing interest in food and its role in shaping our world. She has been hugely inspired by  the community food growing initiatives in her city and their transformative effect on the individuals involved and the wider community. Marie-Amélie created the Festival to celebrate these amazing groups and raise awareness of the environmental, social, and health benefits of community food growing.

kirstyKirsty Clapshaw joins the team as Treasurer. She currently works as a Montessori teacher and pupil support for additional needs, as well as voluntary teaching English, but has had an interest for many years in good health and the nutritional benefits that come from fresh food. She isn’t ‘green fingered’ but with lots of hungry mouths to feed she enjoys cooking/ sharing healthy food with her family and friends. She believes the Festival is a valuable way to harness the work done by these community gardens.

Derek Anderson Photography Dan Plunkett is a freelance designer based in Edinburgh with a background in digital design and architecture who was approached to come and work with the Power of Food team to create a brand for the 2017 festival. Dan was inspired by the wonderful dedication shown by everyone involved and will be working with key members of the team to provide the promotional material leading up to the festival. Dan is also a member of an Edinburgh based design collective called Blueroom, which is comprised of collegues and associates in graphic design, education & their associated practices. Their manifesto – think, make – challenges creative stagnation by celebrating the connectsion between the conceptual and the constructive. For more of Dan’s work visit

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