Thank You!

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped us make the 2017 Power of Food Festival such a success. From the amazing community gardens who opened their gates, to the volunteers who contributed their time to sing, cook, bike, run workshops and classes, to the many who helped us promote the event, and finally to everyone who visited a community garden during the weekend.

You’re amazing.

From the four corners of the city people came together to celebrate and you really did create a magical weekend. There was so much joy, laughter and fun – stories shared and new friends made.

There are plenty of photos up on our Facebook and Twitter. Please do share your photos and stories with us too!

We’d also really appreciate your feedback. Organising the Festival is a huge undertaking and we want to understand how we can make it the best it can possibly be.

PLEASE COMPLETE OUR SHORT SURVEY NOW and let us know how the Festival was for you.

Also, if you enjoyed the weekend and would like us to continue please do consider becoming a member. Membership is £1 per year. By becoming a member, you are joining and supporting a social and environmental movement that is working towards a better world. You are also telling us that you also want for the Festival to continue showcasing and celebrating community food growing into the future, and you help us do so!

Our members give us invaluable financial and moral support. Every £ counts very much as the Festival is entirely volunteer-run and does not receive any grant funding. But it’s about much more than that, really. The main reason why it is important for us to have a strong membership base, is that it shows us that many people care about this cause and that all our efforts are valued.


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