Festival Launch Night!

On Monday night this week we were delighted to be able to host a Festival kick off dinner at Ostara Cafe. The wonderful Real Junk Food Project Edinburgh cooked up a storm – feeding 30 from food which would have been on its way to landfill had it not been diverted by the Real Junk Food Project.

During the course of the evening we heard from several speakers. Donna from TRJFP not only gave us the run down on an amazing menu (to delighted oooh’s & aaaahs!) but also shared little about the work their amazing volunteers do to raise awareness of the issue of food waste, help people to eat and cook better and instigate change towards a more sustainable, efficient and just food system.

David, Chef-proprieter of Ostara  reflected on his research into community food growing research. In particular he shared three moving stories of people he had met in community gardens to illustrate the key importance of the gardens to community, in knowledge exchange and the importance of using land for the common good.

Ewan Aitken of the Cyrenians, shared his thoughts on how good food has less to do with nutrition and everything to do with connection. He shared some inspiring stories about the work Cyrenians is doing to reconnect people through food. You can read more from him on the evening on his CEO blog.

Food is universal & concerns us all: we all have to eat to live. It can often be found at the intersection of many complex global issues and we were honoured to be able to open the 2017 Festival Programme with a joyful shared dinner to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities with old friends & new.

We are really looking forward to celebrating with everyone across the city on 17th & 18th June. Check out our programme to plan your visit and don’t forget to keep in touch by facebook, twitter or by joining our mailing list.

See you soon!


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